The Judas Strain

Jun 5, 2014

The Judas Strain by James Rollins is similar to problems with toxicity levels found in sources of water that is used by people. There has recently been a discovery of the E.Coli contamination in private Irish wells. This is similar to the book because like most would assume, water comes from a pure and untouched source. However this is not really the case most of the time. A lot of water sources are contaminated with human waste as well as animal waste.

This causes a problem for a lot of people because possibly their only source of water are these wells that they have used for years. Its like the book because, the ocean is too great and large that a bacteria is not really expected to wipe out such large amounts of marine life, which affects all those involved in the food chain. This also brings up the issue of water contamination.

We don’t really care for the water we use, we simply just use and then throw it out. We tend to waste this resource and although we have water treatment plants, it is not enough, there are also other life forms that need clean water to survive and we dump a lot of waste into their homes. This also affects us because we will suffer the repercussions of this in the long term. Although this might be far fetched, what we are also doing is giving way for weird or mutated forms of bacteria that can go from being benign to harmful. Like the virus in the book anything can simply infect us one by one and then wipe us out completely.

A theme in this book is the theme of man vs. nature. This is one of the main themes because throughout the majority of the book we are following the characters try to overcome the nature of a virus and create a cure for all those who have been infected. There is the struggle to be able to figure out how this virus was created, why it has been dormant, and a lot of other questions. Which further emphasizes the fact that there are things that nature will have that never really can be explained by man. Things occur and we can deduce the how part of somethings’s creation. The real question was why it happened. This follows the pattern in other books where there is a deadly virus and something bad happens preventing/delaying the creation of a cure. This book really does follow it because although similar to the pattern it also has some very interesting plot twists.