Katrina Analysis

Apr 19, 2010

The game I chose was the Hurricane Katrina Game because it is one subject that interests me and I used to wonder what it felt like and also it seemed interesting. Some elements that were in this game were that you needed to help other people who were in trouble and you needed to deliver survival supplies from some neighbors to others in the town. You also needed to keep yourself healthy and not be hurt while completing the deliveries. All the elements worked together when you needed to help others while keeping youself healthy and the goal was to find your mom. The game is won by getting past all the levels and finding your mom. Someone might want to play is how you see the people helpless and the situation getting worse so you could learn a lot from this game.


When you said that this game

Submitted by 15NOWAKOWSKIP on Mon, 2010-04-19 14:04.

When you said that this game allows you to see how the people are sufffering, it helped me better understand why others want to help them. By playing this game, more and more people will want to help the people and they will live a better life.