Kenny's 6 word memoir

Jul 9, 2014

Hello my name is kenny nunez and i am 17 years old i was born in jamaica hospital of queens August,2,1996,But when i was 2 months old my mom decided to go back to our country dominican republic where we stayed till i was 9. When my grandfather pass away my mom decided again! to go back to the country of opportunity where i am today . But even doe so many years have pass it doesnt mean im happy i miss my grandfather but sometimes being sad is not the key of success but understand a death is hard to let go. But now i'm just staying focused and stick to the right path.

One of my favorite stuff i like doing in school is my ESL class i just feel comfortable and also feel like it was a meant to be moment. is just a place where i get to express my feeling and work more with people i feel comfortable working with. And is this one person that help through a lot of class work struggle her name is Ms Bauso best teacher ever she just understand me she explain everything and she make sure you understand thats a person i could compare to an angel.


Dear Kenny :I am glad to see

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Submitted by mreyes on Thu, 2014-07-10 12:44.

Dear Kenny :

I am glad to see your work because is so beautiful, your , "Street art is more than freedom" because it's true that street art is better than regular art and some people call it vandalism just because is not professional or because is done by someone whose not famous is unfair.