May 19, 2010
by: dove6129
What I'm good at

Kids are the next generation, they are the future, they are the symbol of innocence, but what makes you no longer a kid? Is it the innocence that makes us kids? Is it our age? Is it when we legally become adults? I agree with the federal law on this one, when i say what distinguishes adults from kids is the ability of knowing right from wrong. So even if a kid does know right from wrong, could you hold it against him as a child? What if you are an adult, but truly can not distinguish right from wrong? Then can you still hold that person against his actions? If so, then ignorance really is an excuse. Luckily, i don't agree with that part. Even if you don't know what your doing is wrong, doesn't make the fact right, or any better for that matter. If your ignorant, it is your fault and your fault only. If you didn't know any better, it is not my fault, its not your parents fault, its not your guidance counselors fault, it is yours, and yours only. With that knowledge come responsibility. The responsibility which makes us from kids to adults. The responsibility of dealing with your actions, right or wrong. A lot of kids can't deal with that, out of naivety, or sheer apathy, kids won't deal with it. With that, their actions go un-punished. "Oh, its okay, he didn't know". He didn't know that it wasn't his girlfriend. He didn't know about safety. He didn't know he was a daddy. Who needs knowledge anyway? When we can figure out everything we have ever needed to know from google? SO GOOGLE MAKES YOU AN ADULT.

Ps. The definition of kids is: a young person; especially : child —often used as a generalized reference to one especially younger or less experienced(