To Kill A Mockingbird: 1st Thoughts

Jan 30, 2011
by: jacksone

I began reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and so far I think it is very interesting. Nothing to important has really happened so far, that i can tell. They have introduced a reoccuring charecter, Dill, who seems to be kind of a bad influence on Jem and Scout, but no more of a bad influence then any imaginitive child. Lee's description of the Radley's house seems to be important since the first 4 chapters have been based around this house and the imfamous Boo Radley.

I can tell this is a classic just because the words flow so well and so far i have related to every charecter very easily. Their adventures are very exciting and i find myself reading faster and faster when they start to become in trouble. From what I've heard of this book, it will make me laugh, cry, feel excited and scared, im really excited to find out becasue so far that satirical sense of Scout's words have already made me laugh out loud when reading it.