To Kill A Mockingbird: “Girls Should Act Like Girls”

Nov 23, 2014
by: sagev24

Should all girls act the same?

I strongly disagree because no one should be required to conform to others’ expectations. First of all, what is the definition of a “girl.” An online dictionary clearly states, “a female child” so according to this dictionary the statement is claiming “girls should act like female children.” Girls simply are female children by definition, but what I believe this allegation is trying to convey is that girls should act like all “normal girls.”

Now you have to ask yourself, what is a “normal girl?” Well there aren't any specific rules to being a “normal girl,” just “unwritten laws” based on social standards. Our society sets the standards for what a “normal girl” should act like, so depending on your culture or where you live your social standards can differ.

If some girls wanted to abide by this remark, what would the guidelines be? How could they even begin to change and start acting like a “normal girl?”

Secondly, if all girls operate the same exact way then there would be no variety and this would result in many complications. Since I was little, I've always been taught to be myself and not care about what anyone else thinks. Individuality plays an important role in our world and without it we may become stagnant.

Everyone should express their differences, whether they live up to the standard of behaving like a “girl” or not, it shouldn't matter as long as they are embracing their unique personalities. “Girls should stay true to themselves.”

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