To Kill A Mockingbird Soundtrack

Feb 11, 2015
by: Turtle

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To Kill a Mockingbird Soundtrack

Beds Are Burning- Midnight Oil

This song would go with the scene where Atticus agrees to defend Tom Robinson. The song refers to the feeling of having terrible things occurring and being ignored by people. A prime example of this in To Kill a Mockingbird is the evil of racism. This song also really expresses what Atticus seemed to feel when he agreed to defend Tom Robinson, which was the need to not stand by and do nothing as a possibly innocent man is found guilty without a fair trial.

“If I didn’t (defend Tom Robinson) I couldn’t hold up my head in town,

I couldn’t represent this county in the legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again.” -Atticus

Be Prepared- The Lion King Soundtrack

This song would go with the scene where the mob forms to attack Tom Robinson. The song really helps show how a mob is formed in the first place, especially because the Cunninghams weren’t very smart and neither are the hyenas in this song. It also really shows how some stupid individuals can be joined together to become a dangerous force.

Carry On Wayward Son- Kansas

This song would go with the scene where Jem finds out Tom Robinson has been sentenced as guilty. Jem feels the sorrow, frustration, and loss that come with the bitter betrayal he felt from society for not treating the case justly. This song helps express that no matter what has happened, Jem must carry on and become the best person he can possibly become.

Cold as Ice- Foreigner

This song would go with the scene where Mrs. Dubose is cruel to Jem and he cuts down all her flowers in retaliation. The song really conveys Jem’s frustration and how upset he is, and the feeling that he’s finally reached his wit’s end. It also sheds light on Mrs. Dubose’s want for paradise, a.k.a. her drug addiction, and how this causes her to be so mean to Jem.

Dangerous- David Guetta

This song would go with the scene where Jem and Scout are walking home from the pageant, and Bob Ewell attacks them. This song helps get across the emotion of being in a dangerous situation such as the one the kids were in, and helps convey the tension of being in the dark, scary woods at night.

God Help the Outcasts- (Bette Midler Version) The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Original Soundtrack

This song would go with the scene where Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to church with her.

This song really helps to show the emotion of the colored people who feel oppressed by the white people, and who can’t even have their own church without white people gambling there the rest of the week. It also shows their possible feeling of being unworthy of their faith. One line in the song especially strikes true in comparison with the racism in To Kill a Mockingbird,

“I thought we all were the children of God.”

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Psycho theme song- Composed by Bernard Hermann

This song would go with the scene where Jem, Scout, and Dill sneak onto the Radley property, Jem is cornered by an approaching scary-looking shadow, the kids hear a gunshot, and then they frantically flee with Jem escaping without his pants. This song really conveys the creepy nature of that scene, as well as Jem returning and finding his pants mended and neatly folded.

Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd

This song would go with the scene where the town finds out Tom Robinson has been killed and just gets back to business without giving him a second thought. The song really helps convey the sense that the townspeople simply don’t care that Tom Robinson was killed, and that they just want to ignore all the racial tension and get back to their hypocritical, narcissistic lives.

This Is a Man’s World- James Brown

This song would go with the scene where Aunt Alexandra tells Scout that ladies can’t wear pants. This scene is an extremely powerful moment in the book where the status of women is shown as being below men, due to strict social guidelines. This song conveys the emotion for both men and women in that time period, and also holds a slight feminist tone.

A little treat (Sorry the beginning is in Spanish!):

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True Friends- Emblem3
This song would go with the scene where Scout looks out from Boo Radley’s porch and sees what he has seen, her childhood. This song really conveys the emotion of memory and holding close the people you love. Scout, looking out, probably felt this thinking about how she, Jem, and Dill shared the sacred thing called childhood.