Kite Runner: An illustration of conflict

Jun 7, 2009
by: Odarri
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 What I am thing about since I last read Kite Runner I  read Kite Runner is: People rights.  Israel is an Island of  "real men" in a sea of Arabs. Baba has returned to Pakistan with Amir.  Amir is coward, and yet a bully.

I am in a drive to finishing this book,  Kite Runner,  by Khaled Hosseini because of the relative held in captivity part, and them being released,  well actually they escaped.  An example of what I mean is on page 121,  where Amir Jan,  basically said he could never forget the horrible experiences, even worst or equal to the time he saw Hassan get abused. 

Something interesting happens on page 123, where it says, " we're in Pakistan, Amir, said Baba".  This is a important point  int the pot because  they have reached their home state,  which was safe to be in, and they conferenced about the terrible events recently to them. This reminds of a part  in a game called "Gears of War", where Marcus's newly assigned  rookies would die , due to some misfortune of getting killed by swarms of locusts.  As you can see on the left man on the picture below. 

Nevertheless,  team Marcus keeps fighting to reconquer the Earth for Humans only.  This whole fact is just so depressing, it catches the gamer or reader.  Also in this chapter of Kite Runner  Baba trys to protect an Afghans man's wife from being raped by the drunken Russian soldier, and he puts his life on the line for another person.  Marcus trys to save the people closes to him, like his father, his fellow cog members, but tragedy steps in.  I can also compare to Marcus in Gear of War, because both characters trys to defend of what they know as justice.

 Gears of War 2I love this game,  but too bad I can't play it,  dued to my Xbox being messed up.  Anyways,  I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book,  Kite Runner because of it's historical content relating back to the 1980's.  What's probably going to happen next is some more contrasting and/or critizising on being pro-jewish and etc. 



I havent read this book but

Submitted by 11gonzaleze on Sun, 2009-06-07 15:20.

I havent read this book but if you can relate it to a great game like Gears of Wars I may give it a shot. From what I can tell this book sames to have a lot of history and friendship behind it. I was wondering if you could give us some more information on the main Characters.

I agree with the person

Submitted by 11myszkowskio on Sun, 2009-06-07 16:04.

I agree with the person before me about writing more about the characters. I think you should also explain more ways how they both relate to each other because you just breifly summarized it.