Knot of Nostalgia (Print 2)

Dec 4, 2009
by: Carolyn12

The picture I took was a piece of rope with a knot in it that was left on a dock that had been pulled out of the water for the winter. This picture was pretty close up so that I could show the details of the piece of rope rather than what was around it. I wanted it to be the main focus of the picture. The picture represents Rockland in the sense that it was taken there, but I was aiming to show more of a small coastal town theme rather than specifically Rockland.

I'd say that my shot came out with a sort of typical/nostalgic look depending on how you look at it. What I shot represented the coast of Maine, but it could also have represented a memory of when the knot had been tied, or a memory of the past summer season. I chose this object because in some ways it could be very straight forward, and in other ways it could bring on a deeper meaning.

There were a few diagonals in my print that were within the pattern of the rope, and the boards on the dock. The point of view was important to the print in the way that I had to get the right amount of light and show the subject clearly. Showing emphasis on the knot and the rope and having that be the main subject was important. I thought that all three of these compositional elements were pretty evident.

The printing process was a little harder because we were working with pictures of larger spaces which meant more light than the last film. I ended up having to burn the corners of my picture because they were too light, and dodge the sky and the center of the print because it was too dark when overexposed.

I like the fact that it is simple but when you first look at it, but when you take the time to look at it thoroughly it has some minor details that are pretty cool. If I could change this I would make it so that the corners were evenly burnt with the rest of the print. It was frustrating because it took a lot of tries just to get it to the shade it is now.


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 Hey, I wrote a photo discussion post thingy about street signs having deeper meaning. I searched 'deeper meaning' and your post came up. I like the photo a lot and it has intrigued me how some simple things such as street signs or ropes can mean so much more. I hope you agree. If you want to read the post I was talking about, you can go to my profile. Happy Holidays!