In the Land, Sea, and Sky

May 17, 2010
by: CocoF
Career goals

My collage is entitled "Land, Sea, and Sky". When I first started this piece, I wasn't exactly sure where I was going with it or what I wanted to do, but as I began to put things together it started to take shape. My favorite thing about my work is the way the pieces blend together and have a deeper connection, rather than just being a bunch of different objects shoved into one picture. I created this piece because it sends a message, about the environment and how it's important to keep it clean and to not damage it. In the future, I hope that whatever else I create (whether it's a piece of art or something else entirely) also sends a message.

The thing I like best about making collages is the way different photographs can come together to make a completely new piece. You can keep it simple or you can make it completely crazy, either way it works. It can be chaos or it can be order, and it can still be good. A piece that turns out well is a piece that gets across the emotion or message that you want to send to the viewer. It's also a piece that makes people stop and think when they see it. There isn't really any specific pattern in my piece, that wasn't what I was going for with my collage. All of the parts connect to a greater message about helping the environment and keeping the land, sea, and sky clean. I used a lot of the tools I was taught, such as the magic wand tool and adjustment layers, as well as burning and dodging, but I also did things a bit differently. When I create my pieces, I do things somewhat differently than how I was taught, because it's my work and I want to add my own touch to it.

I began this piece by choosing a picture to use as the background-I used a picture I took of a boat coming across the water. Then I looked at my other photos and thought about what I wanted to portray as well as what would fit with the picture and not appear completely random. I tried out various different things and this piece was ultimately what I ended up with, because I wanted to create some sort of message in the collage. I knew my piece was done when I looked at it and didn't feel as if there was anything else that I could add. For a while I thought I was done but the collage still felt unfinished to me, so then finally I decided to try adding the duck in front of the motorcycle and then I knew that the photo was done. I didn't think there was anything else to do. When people see my work, I'd like them to stop and think about it. Not so much about the actual collage, but about the message it sends and the way that's shown in this piece.



Submitted by ebarreto on Thu, 2010-06-03 13:03.

Dear Coco:                                                                                                                                                                                                                I found your post In the Land, Sea and Sky very interesting because it shows that you care about the environment. I also want to let the people know that it is important to keep  the environment clean and not damage it. This is a great way to send a message to people because people in this website like to read others work and then later on will pasage the message to their friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                              One sentence  you wrote that stands out for me  is " When people see my work, I'd  like them to stop  and think about it. " I thiink this is very important because when the people reading this writing they will stop and think and plan what they can help to keep our environment clean. They will probably do something differently.                                                                                              Another sentence that I liked was " When I create my pieces, I do things somewhat differently than how I was taught, because it's my work and I want to add my own touch to it. "  This stood out for me because it show your passion on what you do. That means that it will come from your heart.                                                                                                                                                              Your image reminds me of something that happened to me. One time me and my other school tried to send a message to the world. It was reallyt cool and it made me really proud. It brought me more points for community service. I also did it from the heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing you write next.