Language and what affects it

Apr 21, 2016

As I’ve been doing my research on language and speech development, I’ve been using the Gale database and have found some good information. I am starting to discover and identify the various physical organs that contribute to speech such as the pharynx, larynx, and lips. These organs and more all function together to form spoken word. There are quite a few speech organs we have in common with other animals, but due to the size and strength they vary in tone and capacity for speech. Definitely, I feel then that cognition plays a bigger role in humans. We have split brains which allow for the left to control the physical apparatuses of language while the right side deals with comprehension and mental production of language. Also, through researching injuries, I have learned that brain injuries tend to have a more dramatic impact on speech than physical injury. A cleft palette or a busted larynx will of course negatively impact speech development or production but brain trauma can affect not only production but comprehension as well. I’m very interested in my topic so far but I would like to find out more!!


reply to language and what affects it

Submitted by chanheejoy on Sat, 2016-04-30 20:59.

Hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog! Your blog especially caught my eyes because I personally love learning different languages, and I am currently speaking three different languages right now, so I've always wondered how this can affect my brain and how my brain would work with languages and speech. I found this really interesting. I didn't know that there were more organs than lips that contributed to speech. I also didn't know that our left side of the brain control the physical apparatuses of language, and our right deals with comprehension and mental production of language! That's really interesting! I have always thought that brain injuries tend to have the most impact on our behaviors and actions. I didn't know that it had a more impact on speech. In my opinion, I think brain is the second most important organ for us, after our hearts, because it controls us and makes who we are. Without our brains, we wouldn't be able to do anything, and I wouldn't be typing this to you right now. I'm thankful for my brain because it allows me to do what I love, and this includes the ability to learn, comprehend, and speak in different languages. I should do more research on this too. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this! Before I end, I have some questions for you. What if our brain didn't have the split? How would that affect our language and speech ability? Also, if we can speak more than one languages, is our brain more complicated? What's different?