Leave Learning To The Youth?

Mar 16, 2009
by: dryanmas

I decided to research blisters and calluses for today's youth voice post. Mostly I was concered with what actually is occuring, physically speaking, when a blister is formed. I found severaly medical sites and there would be a brief overview mentioning friction. Then I'd see a link to "cause" and think to myself, "this'll explain it". It proceded to list a bunch of things that cause friction such as new shoes and playing the guitar.

I was getting rather frustrated, and decided to try one last site. After I had clicked on it I realized that it was a kids' site, but I figured I might as well. Though the language was extremely simple, this site actually explained the cause of blisters to me (build up of fluid underneath the skin due to friction).

But I had to go to a little kid's site to actually get intelligent information. And this highly upset me.