The Legacy of Stephen Hawking

Mar 31, 2015

Stephen Hawking has been known as the smartest and best theoretical physicist since Albert Einstein. During the early years of his life he showed little promise of having a successful future. It was't until his early years of college that he started to excel and surpass his classmates. In 1962 he went to Cambridge to work on his Ph.D. in cosmology. While there he begin to work and understand how black holes work. Him and a few of his classmates began to study black holes by using some very advanced math to study the thermodynamics of these anomalies. It was also around this time in his life that he began to work on the idea of space-time singularities (which is a single point with infinite density that can bend space and time). After these events in his life his work started to become known throughout the world.


I'm sure there is a lot of

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I'm sure there is a lot of great information to find about Stephen Hawking. What kind of question are your particularly trying to answer about Stephen Hawking? I have not seen it yet, but the recent movie about Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything, received many nominations and awards. I wonder if that could be a good source to find new information.