The legend of helda, groundward sword

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20bhattr

This is the story of the great hero, Pink, who is on his way to become a great knight of Landloft. However, on his way he faces some difficult challenges! Act 1: Scene 1: (Pink is thinking): I can’t wait until I take my entry test for knighthood! There’s no way I can fail! I’m Pink! (Pink walks toward the castle and sees two guards at the gate) Pink: Hello! I’m here to take my test to enter knighthood and protect the kingdom! Gaurd #1: In that case, I will be needing your letter of application. Pink: (nervously) Ummmm… Letter of application? Gaurd #2: Yeah, you know, the one that you get after completing the training? Pink: Oh! Right…… Okay! I have it somewhere here… (Pink knocks out guards) Pink: That was close… my house is so far away! It’s on the whole other side of Landloft! Pink: And what kind of guards can’t handle kids like me? (Pink enters the castle) Act 2: Scene 1: (Pink takes the test and passes) Pink: Yeah! I’m officially a knight now! Trainer: Well actually… Pink: Yes? Trainer: Now you have to find your bird in a cave full of monsters because those three idiots over there hid it. Then you have to save your bird because you need it to pass the second test. To do that, you have to catch an idol that my bird is holding while flying on your bird. Also, those three idiots are throwing eggs at your face and they’re trying to get the statue too. And you’re only a bajillion feet in the air, so no pressure. But it’s all right, because it’s in the programing that you can’t lose, and if you get killed by those freaky monsters in the cave, you can just respawn, so who cares? Pink: I have an idea! (Pink walks over to the three idiots) Act 2 scene 2: Pink: Heeeeeeey, what’s up? Idiot #3: We’re just talking about stealing your bird and how it was a great idea! Idiot #2: You’ll never get it now! How’ll you ever find out that it’s in the waterfall? Idiot #1 You’re not supposed to tell him, god!!! Pink: thanks guys! (Pink knocks out the 3 idiots) Pink: Hey trainer, what happens now that those 3 guys are dead? Trainer: Well, I guess you win by default then! Pink: See, I’m strong strategy-wise! Screen says: Tan Tan Tan Tan! You got the quadforce of strategy! Pink: Much better than my brother Stink; who needs courage anyway? Power or wisdom would be much better! Pink: You know what, I’m gonna go get my bird anyway! Act 3: Scene 3: (Pink finds his bird) Pink: There you are! (Pink gets onto his bird) (3 idiots from before walk onto the stage) Idiot #1: My name’s Bruce, and I will not be defeated! Lets get him! (Idiot #2 and Idiot #3 in unison charge at Pink) Idiot #2 and Idiot #3: Yaaaaaah! (Pink steps out of the way and Idiots 1 and 2 fall off the cliff) Bruce: *mumble *mumble idiots *mumble *mumble (Pink shoves Bruce off the edge) Bruce: I’ll get you back for thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! Pink: Sigh. (Pink flies away and runs into an evil tornado) Act 3 Scene 1: (Pink wakes up in his room and the king is sitting beside him) King: Finally! What happened? (Pink explains what happened) King: *mumble mumble idiots mumble mumble... My daughter Helda was sucked into the surface with one of these tornadoes too! Sooo… I want you to go on a suicide quest to save her! But don’t worry, if you’re not prepared, walk outside and follow that creepy spirit that I saw on the way here! Maybe she might help you! Pink: What if she kills me? King: Well then respawn and try again! Pink: Sure! Sounds like fun! (Spirit walks into the door) Spirit: I am Pi, come with me so I can kil- I mean help you! Pink: OK! Developer's Log: 40 min. in class: 3/12 30 min. at home: 3/12 70 min. in class: 3/15 60 min. at home: 3/16 60 min. at home: 3/17