Let It Snow?

Dec 15, 2011
by: oelsner20

As 2011 comes closer and closer to an end, Utah's little snow keeps melting closer and closer to the ground. Typically we get our first snowfall by October, and by November we have consistent snow at all elevations in the mountains. Unfortunately, this year we seem to be having a drought. We're already into mid-December, and our ski resorts are in dire need of snow. I've been up to snowboard a few times this year, and each time I go there seems to be less and less snow. I know many people are hoping for a late winter, but who knows. Each year is different in terms of when the snow will come and how much it will be. This year is supposed to be a good year for snow, but it seems those people who 'predicted that' were wrong. Lets hope and pray that as we get further into December and Winter Break, we get more snow or we may be sledding in the mud.