Apr 12, 2012
by: G2danb

Dear dad

Thanks for letting me use your multi-tool; it has been helpful to have.

The weight of it could be a put off for some because it's pretty much a hunk of metal, but its usefulness is far greater.

Having the multi tool has made life's little surprises more bearable. If i did not have it now i would feel useless and helpless because I would have to ask someone if they had what I need and most of the time they don't.One time at robotics I needed a knife to cut some zip ties because we were taking down a stand. I didn't have my multi-tool because I had forgot it, that moment I needed knife I had felt useless.

With the multi-tool I feel useful because I become the one that people would go to, to ask if I had what they need.

One time I was at a robotics scrimmage and we needed to take some wires out because we were trying to work on how the motors are mounted so we needed to detach it. We had forgotten to bring screwdrivers, but i was smart and had brought my multi tool which had a screwdriver small enough to fit the screw.




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Submitted by tommybuteau on Sat, 2012-04-21 22:42.

Great letter. I enjoy reading about the robotics. Maybe you could post a video of a robot in action for us to see. That would be great in a multi-media project.