Jan 28, 2014

Dear parents,

The ring you got me in eighth grade still rests around my left pointer finger. A slim tan line has curved around the finger since I never take the ring off. Just a simple silver band with a thin cross shape is all I need to remind me of my everlasting faith daily. The ring is so significant to me because it gives me enough passion for life to push me through the day. Spinning the ring around and around on my finger is such a positive pleasure to realize God is with me every step of the way. I never go anywhere without God leading the way, thus carrying the ring with me throughout life. I remember when you two gave me the ring after completing confirmation at Redeemer Lutheran church. I committed my life to serving the Lord and the ring was a present so I can remember to always keep on that path. Thank you for this special gift that. No matter how far I live away in the future the ring will also be a daily reminder of my loving parents. A reminder that I grew up in a house guided by the Lord. A reminder that I have support in my life no matter where I go in life. The weight of this ring brings me peace and happiness to my surroundings, and I thank you two for that blessing.