A Letter to the Author (The Missing : FOUND by Margaret Peterson Haddix)

Jan 3, 2011
by: 15LINN

Found is a story of two kids Chip and Jonah who discover that they are both adopted and they seek who they really are. They get thrown into a problem too large for them to solve. This problem involved time travel, history, and 2 sides of groups who want ALL the missing kids. Even though this is an action/adventure book and is fiction it taught me an important lesson. The book Found changed the way I thought and it made me realize how lucky I am. It's a great mystery story involving lots of secrets and suspense. 


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The Letter to the Author::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



Dear Margaret Peterson Haddix,

After reading the book, “Found”, it changed my way of thinking. Jonah and Chip were adopted children. They never got to meet their real parents and always had to wonder who they were. They always felt they were different and never really fit in anywhere. Chip didn’t want to accept the fact that he was adopted. He wanted to believe that his parents were his birth parents. Later on in the story, Chip wants to find out about his past while Jonah wanted to never know anything about his past. He was afraid of the reason his birth parents gave him away. This made me realize that learning about your past can be really scary because all your life you have been used to something and now you’ll learn about something that’s totally different. It’s unpredictable and uncertain. No one really knows what to expect and the information they might find out.



There are many kids in the world who are adopted. They don’t know who their real parents are and what they look like. I think part of growing up and maturing into an adult is to know who you are. Without knowing your parents, you can’t really grow up. Being adopted means you don’t know anything about your heritage and that must be really hard, wondering where your from and the background of your parents. Adopted children must wonder everyday why their birth parents gave them up. Children are curious and they want to find out the truth. This made me realize how not all children are as fortunate as I am. I have my parents by my side and I know that I will never be alone in this world. Children that are adopted don’t know if their birth parents are alive or if they have relatives. It must be really scary to think that you are all alone in this world. This book made me grateful for having my parents with me and for knowing how lucky I am. Not every kid gets their parents’ love.



Some kids who are put up for adoption never get adopted. They will always stay in foster homes until they are 18 or if someone adopts them. Being in a foster home would be really scary. You don’t have a family or any relatives, but people who have to take care of you. After you are 18, the foster care people don’t have to take care of you anymore. Their responsibility is completed and the child would have to face the world alone. They have no one to depend on and no back up plans. They don’t have their parents to help them with decisions or help them with financial problems. Those kids have to do everything for themselves and if they make a mistake they have to fix it.



I will always view my parents in a different way now. I used to take them for granted. Now I know to appreciate what I have because some people don’t have parents who care for them. The book “Found” is a great book that is filled with adventures and mystery. The kids try to figure out who they really are while trying to get a hold of the present. Jonah and Chip love their parents and don’t ever want to go back to their time period, but they want to stay with their family. This taught me how family is important and always will be no matter what. I will never forget the plot of this book. It teaches how every family has secrets, but family is what completes a person.