Letter to Dad

Jan 28, 2014
by: cbragg14

Dear Daddy,

I wanted to tell you that I carry pictures of you in your teens and the day I was born. I carry them because it helps me not forget you while you are away and when I feel like I am having a bad day, I just open my wallet and look at your pictures and it makes me feel better. Every time that I look at your pictures I have, it makes me feel that you are still with me instead of prison. Talking with you on the phone is nice and relaxing and still I feel a little empty without you here.

Times do get rough and unbearable but I always always think about you and how much I mean to you and everything. I love you and miss you so much and wish there was something that I could do to help with your situation, but I know the only thing that I can do is just be there for you and talk when I am home with grandma.

I wish that it wasn't like this, but it had to be sooner or later before everything ends bad, and i don’t want to sound mean, but I am glad that you got in trouble and got the help you need to beat this. I just hope that you learn from this and don’t ever go back to it. I know its hard and that you wish you could be home and stay with family and be around.

Your Baby Girl