Letter to Eric

Apr 6, 2012
by: zebc.g1

Eric I have known you for several years now through our church. You have been the sole person telling me that my future is now and everything can affect it.

We are reading the book The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. We have been assigned to write a letter on what we carry that is the heaviest for us. For me this would be my future. Every Decision you make now can affect your future, and every decision you have made has affected you to this point.

This dawned on me several weeks ago when we had a visitor from a culinary college come and visit my catering class. She explained how she chose to attend this college and that she is now making forty thousand dollars a year. I could see the whole class was impressed by this seemingly large sum of money. I was not, I was confused. She was telling us how she made good decisions going into the food industry and we should follow her.

I raised my hand,” So you want us to work for the food industry?”

“Of course; it is going to boom soon,” she explained

Feeling lied to, I kept my hand down, and kept the questions to myself. I have plans, goals and expectations I plan to meet. I could tell by the way this visitor talked and acted that she did not plan for this, she gave in and settled for this. I could tell she had dreams of a good career and a fancy home. being fresh out of college she took what was given without question.

My future weighs a lot on me; the things I say, do, and think ,all affect my future, either in a positive way or a negative.



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Submitted by tommybuteau on Sat, 2012-04-21 23:23.

Excellent letter that meets all of the requirements. Good work.