Letter to Mother

Apr 10, 2012
by: g2Ethanm

Dear Mom

The most important thing I carry every day is the open mind and attitude you've gave me. Its not a tangible item, I can't lose it nor can it be taken away. Over the years it's grown on me. Because everyday I wake up happy and thankful for things i have and all the possible opportunities I get and the ones to come.

One reason I'm thankful of this attribute is because when you’re happy,open minded and willing to try things and give it your all you gain respect from your peers and are liked a lot more. Which circles around back to you making you happy. I think to myself that you only live once so why waste time being grumpy, and not trying new things? Also, your life could be so much worse, so why not take what you've been given and cherish it. I'm the happiest kid ever and I wouldn't trade this attribute for all the money in the world, it makes me who I am.

One time this really became visible to me is when we took our trip to Italy. my mom was so excited, and i didn’t quite understand why. “We never really got to travel when i was a kid,” she said. We prepared for weeks and weeks and I didn’t quite understand, we had gone places before, why was this such a big deal? “I am so happy,” she said, “because we are going somewhere new, seeing a part of the world that people would only dream of seeing.” While we were there we tried tons of new food; i think it was the first time i was on a boat. It was a great experience.

When we got home, i realized how lucky I am and how much fun I had and it was all because I chose to be open minded and try something new.



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Submitted by tommybuteau on Sat, 2012-04-21 23:05.

Excellent letter. You should share the link for this with your mom. She would love reading this.