Letter of the New Jersey Plan

Nov 13, 2010
by: bmong

This is something I wrote for my history class.

To whom it may concern,

I represented the people of New Jersey. The people in New Jersey supported the New Jersey Plan.
This plan was proposed by William Paterson to the Article of Confederation. This plan mainly responded to the Virginia Plan. Because the smaller states felt that the larger states would be in control due to population, William Paterson argued that the convention had no power to deprive the smaller states of equality they enjoyed under the Articles of Confederation. Therefore, he proposed the New Jersey Plan. In the plan, the Articles of Confederation including one vote for each state represented in legislature will be continued. Congress would be strengthened so that it could impose taxes and regulate trade. Also, the acts of Congress would be the supreme law of the states. On the other hand, the executives should serve a single term and were subject to recall based on the request of state governors. The Supreme Court would be appointed by the executive. Also, a judiciary should be appointed by the executives with life terms of service.

As a small state, people in New Jersey supported the New Jersey Plan. The plan focused on insuring the small states that had equal share of representation in the government. Every state should have the same representation, regardless of the size and population. It would be unfair to the smaller states if the Virginia Plan would have been adopted. Although the author of Virginia Plan brought up the idea that it was equal to everyone when the government ensured one men one vote, it was absolutely unfair to the smaller states because they had fewer men and almost no slave. To ensure equality in society, the government should protect the small states from the larger ones by guaranteeing one state, one vote.
The New Jersey Plan should be chosen as a new constitution.

Yours sincerely,