Letter to new Superintendent Wilson

May 6, 2014

Dear Superintendent Wilson,

I think some issues you should address as you begins your time in Oakland is to create more lights around the school because a lot of pedestrians have accidents for the reason of not having enough lights and there is a lot of cars . Also, could you try to hire more police to secure our community here at the school?

Some of the ways you can help Fremont High transform into a model high school is to give more materials that the students can use and some funds to hire police officers to be more vigilant around the school and protect the students. Also, we need more teachers to teach the students because a lot of students are coming to Fremont High, and the classrooms are full. We need cameras around school too, for more security and to protect the students from strangers. When I graduate from high school I hope that changes have started, and I hope to see changes like having police officers because it is the first thing that is essential for the students.

Thank you for listening,