Life Living Under Minimum Wage

Apr 1, 2015

The project we are doing in Ms. Lee's class is about interviewing a person who is or has live in minimum wage before who pays bills and rent.The way I am going to introduce my project to my ideal candidate is first asking if that person has all the qualifications I need to interview that person and informing that person about the project which is about people living in minimum wage and the struggles they are facing or have faced living in minimum wage.And how we are going to use the information the person gives us.Asking a brief story about that person life if that person does not want to tell his/her story then move to someone else.If it is the person we want then at the end my partner and me will set a time and date to interview. Also informing that we are only presenting this project to the class so they won't feel bad. What I think we will learn from this project is how minimum wage families struggles for the lack of money and the time they have to give up to earn little money. How people with no education struggles to get a good job.


This sounds like a really

Submitted by JesusSalazar on Thu, 2015-04-16 15:03.

This sounds like a really interesting project and will be really fascinating when it is finished. You might want to ask them if they had any thing happen when they were younger that positively or negatively effected them.

This sounds like a very

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Submitted by John Garlinghouse on Thu, 2015-04-16 15:10.

This sounds like a very interesting project and extremely relevant for our times considering all the political discussion the current minimum wage. This is also a great plan to interview someone for your project, the only advice I would have is to ask them what their ideas are for improving the problems that minimum wage proposes, getting this insider scope on the problem could be a great point for you compared to information from politicians who are not directly affected by minimum wage! I can't wait to follow up on your research!

Very Interesting

Submitted by NateHigley on Fri, 2015-04-17 11:53.

This sounds like a very interesting project. It would be interesting to find out how there child hood was, and what were major events that influenced there life. I look forward to seeing what your final project looks like.