Lighting and Portraits

Oct 5, 2010
Career goals

 This week we explored how lighting effects a photo, and the different types of lighting. I found this to relate and help me explore the topic of portraits. I explored many things about lighting:

1. How different types of lights bring different moods and effects to a photo

2. The effect of a regular light vs. a colored light

3. How the same color can be different through two different lightbulbs/brands

Lights not only bring a mood to a photo, but also interpret the emotions of the subject. A harsher or no light can make the person look more ominous and guilty, where a lighter or bright light can make a person look innocent and heavenly. Lights help the photos tell a story, just as the setting does. 

I also explored the difference between a black and white photo, and a color photo in terms of lighting. Both bring different effects to a photo. The color lights stand and take over a color photo, where in a black and white photo the lights don't do as much. 

What are your views on lighting?

Here are two portraits I took, using two different red lights: