Lily's Disneyland Surprise

Jan 9, 2012

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If anyone hasn’t seen the Youtube video “Lily’s Disneyland Surprise!” it is quite necessary. The video consists of parents asking a young girl if she wants to open a birthday present early. Of course she says yes and she is handed a backpack full of treats. Including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse clothes.

The girl’s mom then proceeds to ask where this girl would like to take all of these things. She says Disneyland, not knowing that her parents have already planned a trip to leave for there later that day. After they tell her that they really are going to Disneyland, she starts bawling out of happiness.

The one thing unique about this little girl is how truly thankful she is for every gift she receives, not to mention her reaction when she is told she is going to Disneyland. In society today, kids have become spoiled, expecting gifts like these. I am happy to see parents who are raising their daughter to appreciate everything she receives.