Literature log 11

Apr 23, 2009
by: bmong
I am reading a part of American Dragons right now, and it is about a teenager called Visalaya. She is from Thailand but grew up in US. After a decade, she and her family back to Thailand for visiting their relatives. Visalaya felt so strange that although she was born in Thailand, she was not really a "Thai". And something she remembered about her childhood in Thailand was totally different from what she saw these days.
I think "American Dragons", by Laurence Yep is interesting that there are many different stories talking about many different experiences from many people. It is varied and I can learn through different people and their experiences. Also, it makes me have sympathy at the same time.
A line from p.168-184 makes me have sympathy: "Trying to be agreeable, but still anxious, I just smiled and laughed along with everyone. I found this sympathetic because I have experienced the same thing as the writer did. It is really embarassing that you don't understand something everyone knows but you can do nothing to help to change the situation. It makes people look stupid in that kind of situation and don't know what to do. Maybe as what the writer said, a smile is the best response.
Another line that I liked was: "How do you expect me to get out of this car? Grandmother scolded them." My leg isn't as good as yours. Watch where you're going with me. I could fall down any moment, you know,"she puffed." I think this quotes reflected how rude the grandmother treated her family. I found that some of the elderly are very stubborn and selfish. They know that their family love them and will treat them well, so they become selfish and stubborn. Also, sometimes they thought they must be right as they are the oldest. That's why they don't like to hear others opinions.
This section of American Dragons reminds me something I saw on Youthvoices. Elderly are sometimes look like a child. They are sometimes stubborn and don't like to listen to others. They thought they are the truth. However, they don't like people calling them old. Some of the elderly are cute because they are not such old as how they look, but some of them look like a child is because they are selfish and naught just like children. It's true that elderly looks young in some ways, however, it can be totally different.
What's probably going to happen next is that there is a story about a Tibetan-American who currently living in Tokyo. The title is-There's no reason to get romantic. It is kinda sad because I think romantic is a wonderful thing that makes people happy. But this topic makes me think there will be some bad things will happen in the story and make people feel depressed.
I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book because I want to know what happen to the next story and why the writer think there's no reason to get romantic.