literature log

Jan 15, 2009
by: Dtoalongo

Recently I read  pages #20 - #36 in "Almost A Woman, by Esmeralda Santiago, and I liked it because everything happening in the book is interesting. I found the book very interesting and it has some funny parts.

Some parts of the book where mostly about how since she's Purto Rican her mother tells her she can't wear skirts. In the it says that the way American girls act is different from how Puertorican girls should act. I like the book because it had some funny parts but also some issues that a lot of immigrants go through.

What's probably going to happen next is that since her mom got marry, they are going to have conflicts. I think that she is not going to like her stepfather.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because every time I read it, i Find it more and more interesting. The book is good and the story is good. I want to know what is going to happend next.