Literature Log 5

Jan 20, 2009
by: bmong
Recently I read  pages 65 - 75 in "American Dragons", by Laurence Yep, and I really like this part of the book because it was a few pages talking about differences between Chinese American and American. It is a short breath for the readers that can help the readers to have a clear concept and make a introduction on what coming up.
One line from this part of the book that stands out for me is: "For children, the difference between a parental icon and the reality, can also often create resentment. As they get older, they acquire new yardsticks to use in measuring their parents, and in understanding that their parents have strengths as well as weaknesses." I think this stood out for me because I agree that the difference between a parental icon and the reality create resentment. I sometimes argue with my parents too. Although sometimes it's my fault and sometimes their's, it causes arguments as it's too difference from home and the outside world. Moreover, when my parents and I were arguing, mostly they will give up to argue with me first because I know that they tolerate me when I did anything wrong. That's why I agree with the statement that parents' strengths as well as weaknesses.
Another line that I liked was: "Even when they cut off your nose, father let's not say anything, sit at the table , I will serve you the bitten melon stuffed with fish, I will eat the soft beancurd." I liked this sentence althought I don't totally understand what the poem means, I try to feel what the poet wrote. I feel the son's love to his father that I think the poet want to give the best to his father and those which are not so good won't give him and leave them to poet himself. I can feel the love between the father and son through the short letter and the poet.
This section of "American Dragons" reminds me of something that happened to me. One time, I went to wait for my dad off to work, I sat in his office and heard him scold by nearly three customers through the phone calls. I felt really sad about it because I heard someone scold my dad but I can't do anything. It is very helpless and upset. When I ask my dad whether he felt unhappy or not, he replied me that he had accustomed to it as it was his work. I felt really sorry about that and that's why I love my dad.
What's probably going to happen next is there will start a new section of story. I am looking forward to seeing what happen next because those stories in the book made me had the same feeling as the author.