Bright, Friendly, and Calm

Nov 16, 2015
by: aruiz
By Gary Soto

Gary, the protagonist in Living Up the Street by Gary Soto, has a few traits that influence his relationships with others.

One, he bright. Two, he is friendly. Three, he is calm.

These traits influence his relationships with others. “From history we were released to the playground where we played softball, sucked on popsicles, and fooled around on the monkey bars.We returned to our classes sweating like the popsicles we had sucked to a rugged stick.I went to Germany where, for five weeks, we sang songs we didn’t understand, though we loved them and loved our teacher who paraded around the room and closed his eyes on the high notes.” His friendliness comes into play here when he plays with his friends in the playground because he's friendly with them.

Later, In the page 70 Mary Palacio interacts with Gary, basically when he sends things to her. For example in the text it says, "She was by then in love with another guy, a seventh grader the rumor had it, and my love for her didn’t bounce back like radar, even when I gave her, by way of a friend, a valentine which had a lollipop pressed with the words 'You’re a cutie!'. ” Gary’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of his friendliness, and sparks a feeling of calm .