Living under minimum wage

Apr 26, 2015
by: ALopez

I selected Mayra Canchola who has worked under minimum wage since she was attending high school. She is now attending college and is still working under minimum wage and she is also supporting her family. I decided to interview Mayra Canchola because as I was talking to her one day I realize how hard her situation was. I decided to ask Mayra Canchola some questions to make sure she was a good candidate and asked her is she was willing to do the interview.

Some question I would like to use in the interview are:

1.Was your first job a minimum wage job?

2.Do you think some people that are earning minimum wage do more work than what they are getting pay for?

3.Do you believe that minimum wage is a good living wage?

4.What would be a good living wage?

5.Do you think minimum wage is enough income to support a family?


Your econ project and your senior project

Submitted by Ms. Shafer on Sat, 2015-05-16 16:12.

Hi Ariana!

I am at a Saturday workshop with many OUSD teachers, including Ms. P and Ms. Lee, and just listened to Ms. Lee explain the econ project about minimum wage. I immediately thought of our conversation about your revisions to your senior reasearch paper and how you mentioned that a project in another class had helped you with the senior project. This was it, I realized!

When I see you next, I want to learn more from your perspective of how to improve our work with juniors and sophomores (I'll be teaching both next year) with interviews and surveys and with analyzing the credibility of sources so that they are ready for the senior research project. I think you can help me help other students with what you have learned this year!

Thank you again for your reflection and for your excellent work this year on your senior research. I am really lucky to have been a part of the Architecture/Media combined classes!

Miss Shafer


hi! I really enjoy the

Submitted by JessicaT18 on Sun, 2015-05-17 15:52.

hi! I really enjoy the question you are going to Mayra C, because they get down to the real problem of minimum wage. I am also quite intrigued by the living conditions, that people who earn minimum wage have to deal with. I'm very interested with her responses she'll give, to your questions. I'm also curious about what percentage of our population lives on minimum wage. good talk!


Minimum Wage Should Not Change

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Submitted by celestecz on Wed, 2015-05-20 11:50.

I am a high school student currently working a minimum wage job plus commission. I personally believe minimum wage is set at a good amount, though it is not necessarily a living wage. I personally believe minimum wage jobs are starting jobs, for high school and college students to get through their years as a student. The main point of getting an education is to pursue a career, so that one may get an occupation to more adequately support them and their family than minimum wage jobs. Minimum wage jobs are not, or should not be, for adults to make a living off of. They also should not be used to support one's family. Even in college, certain jobs and paid internships exist that pay above minimum wage for those majoring in the same field of expertise for that job, to support the higher education of that student so when they have completed their education they may consider starting a career with that company. Minimum wage workers may "do more work" than they are paid for, but it is unskilled labor. Minimum wage jobs require minimum (aka uneducated) skills, and therefore give minimum pay. They exist simply to provide youth with job experience and enough income to get them enough education to pursue a better career. I believe that raising minimum wage should not be considered, instead we should focus our efforts on providing more students with higher education so they may pursue better paying jobs.