The Loch Ness Monster

Apr 14, 2012
by: calcar

I have been interested in the Loch Ness monster because I want to know if this creature really does exist. I learned about this topic through a Scooby-Doo movie and I wanted to know if the monster was real. So then after looking it up online I found out that there stories and sightings of the creature so I started to believe it was true. I think that people know that this “monster” lives in Scotland and is mostly a creature of the sea. I also think that there are many people in the world who believe that the monster is real and there are others who think it is just a myth.

What I know about this topic is that the “monster” is said to be huge and only few people have actually seen it. I also know that it lives in Scotland. Another interesting thing that I know about this topic is that scientists always try to look for evidence of the Loch Ness Monster and end up having no evidence at all. That is why some people believe that it doesn’t exist but others have seen it with their own eyes and would try to capture evidence on their own.

In the first source I found out that the story of the Loch Ness Monster came about in 560 A.D. The story was told by a man named Columba who saved a bystanders life from the monster. This helps me answer my question because I know where and when the story of the Loch Ness Monster came about. I also learned that back in the day the Loch Ness Monster was as important today as it was back then. The first source was useful and it had plenty of facts I could use for my research.

In the second source I found out that their was a little girl who found out about the monster and actually seeing it. But my surprise was that the little girl came back alive and that the monster didn’t do anything to her. I would have thought that the monster would have eaten her and that will be proved to the world. But the girl said she saw the creature and that was enough for evidence. It helped me answer my question because their was another witness that saw the creature and gave the same details that everybody else gave.

In the third source I found out that the first picture of the Loch Ness Monster was a hoax. The guy who took the picture confessed that it was a toy submarine. This became interesting to me because many people thought the picture was actually a key evidence to th Loch Ness existence and now that it is a hoax people stopped believing while others still believe. This helps me solve my question because this is one part of how the story of the Loch Ness monster came about and the picture isn’t any help anymore. So the real place that it came about is when Columba saw it.

In the fourth source I found out that there are more monsters out there other than the Loch Ness monster. I also found it interesting that people would want these creatures to be proven real and alive. This article proved that there are many wonders of the world that we still haven’t figured out and won’t believe until we see. This helped me with my research because this makes me think that there are stuff out there that we are not certain about and we have to find it or some people will always wonder about it. So this fourth source helped me realize that some things are real while others are completely fake.

In the fifth source I found out that there was a men who saw the Loch Ness Monster saw the hump and was glad about it. This provides me with evidence that people had seen the monster and that it is most likely real. Even though the glance was in 1972 I believe that he actually saw Nessie. This was also a time where the Loch Ness Monster story was popular everywhere in the world.

I learned that many people have seen the beast and believe what they saw. While there are others who try to disprove them and don’t believe in the creature at all. This makes me think that maybe the Loch Ness Monster is real and that it doesn’t want to be disturbed by anybody. I also think that the non believers are the one’s who don’t want the creature to be real because everybody could be living in fear. But the Loch Ness Monster is just one of those mysteries of the world.

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