Mar 18, 2015
by: 20sayeda
Act I
Act II

What you see above you (or possibly below you) is by an animation I created on Scratch. Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) is a great online program designed to help students of all ages to learn how basic HTML commands work. My animation is completely original as many of you may have been able to tell. The main characters encounter two problems throughout their journey in space, in the first Act Spacedog and Spacecat need to get to get to an unspecified location that will lead them back to their homes. This problem is solved by introduction of a new character, Googlegorp,a hovering alien who offers to teleport the pair to this unspecified location. The group suddenly finds themselves on another alien planet, where their second problem is introduced. How do they solve this problem? Well you'll have to watch it to find out! I would really appreciate it if you guys would look over the animation and make suggestions based on you opinion. Thanks!


{Spacedog and Spacecat enters stage left}

Spacecat: What are we going to do? We need to get off this asteroid!

Spacedog: It’s that teleporters fault, I knew that the cosmic ray was faulty!

Spacedog:  Hey why don’t we ask that Googlegorp there for some help.

{Googlegorp slowly enters stage left}

Googlegorp: Hey y’all, it looks like ya need some help off this hunk’a spacerock.

Spacecat: Right on.

Spacedog: Will you be able to help us?

Googlegorp: Of course! Come on!

{Background changes to a different planet with a dusty desert scheme}

Spacecat: WOAh, I feel dizzy, where are we??

Googlegorp: Space Nuts! My teleporters faulty! It won’t let me get to a planet out of this quadrant!!

Spacedog: What? No please!

Spacecat: Shut it spacedog. Googlegorp, what are we going to do?

Googlegorp: It seems that there is some sort of interference from that direction.

{Group moves to explore planet.}

{Group meets cave like hole in the ground}

Spacecat: If we jump down this hole, will we be safe from interference?

Googlegorp: Probably..

Spacecat/dog: Well then let’s go!

{One by one the sprites jump into the dark hole. }

{Stage 3, a dark cave}

Spacedog: It’s so dark..

Spacecat: Is your teleporter working, Googlegorp?

Googlegorp: My telekinetic powers are still a little weak but let’s see....

{Stage changes to stage 4: indoor setting}

Spacecat and Spacedog: Yay! We’re at an intergalactic transit station!

Googlegorp: I will need to investigate that interference..

Spacecat: We humbly thank you for your time and efforts.

Googlegorp: Ya’r Not-Welcome

{All sprites vanish}



Developer’s Log:

Wed 3/11- I got all that I expected to get done. However I got it all done in less than half the time. This is because it was a simple matter to download storyboard props for Scratch.

Wed 3/11 Home- After looking back at my work, I am horrified to realize that storyboardthat will not download the images as pictures, instead “zips”. Today I made all my backgrounds. These background are different from the ones in the storyboard, however are still generally the same. I could not exactly recreate the backgrounds as storyboardthat was not working correctly on my computer. However, I am falling behind on everything else. On Thursday and Friday I will finish up to step 13 to be in control.

Thurs 3/12 Home- I finished up to step 5. I am behind, but catching up. The school computers work with storyboardthat, so that is what I used. I downloaded all the sprites and costumes I may need.

Friday 3/13 School- Up to step 8, trying to catch up.

Friday Home- Spent the evening with my brother at Starbucks. Got alot of work done, and figured out how to get Googlegorp from Storyboardthat. I solved the problem by using a different zip format. Finished Act II. Completed step 15.

Saturday Home- Finished step 18. Reviewed.