The Lost Hero, The First Villain

Mar 2, 2016
by: kcotto

I see my life, I’m falling far too steep
I’m right back at it again, like I’ve always been
It keeps me up, interrupting my sleep
Now I feel it, I tried to be a hero
But now I’m the Villain
I’m the new cancer, but I’ve never looked better
The tables are turned, I’m out of my league
I can’t stand it, and now It’s crawling through my sweater.
And every time I try to get rid of it, I end up with fatigue
I tried to love two, but I couldn’t even love one, myself
Now the thought of past lovers will haunt me
So now I store my heart on a shelf
It’s like a broken globe, but I can’t glue it back to how it used to be
But even if something is broken, it’s still beautiful.


a broken heart can not be fixed

Submitted by fcastaneda on Wed, 2016-03-23 10:05.

I am proud with your poem: “The lost hero,the first villain” because your poem has feeling about your heart broken.

One sentence you write that stand out for me is : “so now I store my heart on a shelf”.This stood out to me because In 7th grade it is hard to find love.

Another sentence That i loved is : “Is is like a broken globe,but i Can not be glued back together”.This stood out to me because when my heart is broken I can not put it back together.

Your poem reminds me of something that happen to time i was in kindergared and there was one girl who was being a bully to me so i was a hero but on day i bite her ear so hard it stared it bleed and that day i was a villain.

Thank you for your writing I look forward to seeing what You write next because you poem are filled with feelings.

Thank you!

kcotto's picture
Submitted by kcotto on Wed, 2016-03-23 12:44.

I appreciate your good words and feedback, and I'm very glad you like my work! And It's good to know that there is someone that is looking forward to what I write! Fans are always nice, I'll make sure to read something you wrote, and give my feedback! Thank you, and I'm glad you took the time to read this!