The Lovely Bones is different from most other books

Feb 4, 2009

Recently I read  pages 5-18  in  The Lonely Bones, by Alice Sebold,and I really like it because this a different book. The story is different from most other books.

One line from this part of the book that stands out for me is: " When I first entered heaven I thought everyone saw what I saw." I think this is important because after she died and went to heaven she got a different then then she accepted heaven to be.

Another line that I liked was: "Heaven wasn't perfect." This stood out for me because heaven is suppose to be the best place but she was bored there because she wanted to live her life on earth. But she couldn't do that all she could do was to watch her family in pain and wish for Mr.Harvey to die.  

This section of The Lonely Bones reminds me of a movie. In  "Speak" the girl gets raped by a high school senior but does not die. But she suffers her sophomore year of high school. Later when the school year was over teh guy gets caught when he tries to rape her again.  

What's probably going to happen next is that slowly her family will find out what had happened to her and the elbow they found will be hers. 

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because the starte was really good. Although it was a sad beginning it was really interesting and the story just took of.


The Kind of Book I Want to Read

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Wow, this is a really amazing book discussion.  It seems from the way you write that you really like the book.  By reading your review I am definetly thinking about reading this book next.  I agree with the fact that it is a differnt book because it seems soo different and its sort of what I like to read.  I really like your book review and it seems that the book caught my attention.  Its really different because of how the girl is still in heaven and she is seeing stuff differently.  So in all it seems like a reall.y good book from your great response about it.

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   I like the book a lot. Its funny sometimes to although its a sad book. I like the thanks for commenting.

Dear Shehrina, I just

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Dear Shehrina,
I just finished reading Lovely Bones and the book was pretty good. The book is a very unique book, I have to say. I never really read a book like this one. In most books I have read with the main character dying was all the past experiences before death. In Lovely Bones, the main character is already dead and in heaven.
Definitely the idea of heaven not being perfect in the book is very interesting. A lot of people associate heaven being perfect and all. When she expressed that she was bored in heaven was odd to me. When I was younger (and when I actually had a belief in God) a minister told me that in heaven I would never be bored and could do whatever I wanted. I wonder how people who consider heaven to be perfect took a comment like that in this book.
I have to agree with you that the book was funny at times, but really sad. Most of the time, the main character wanted to just help her family, but yet she was so useless since she was in heaven and not earth. I would never want that feeling that I couldn't help my family even though I really want to.