Low Self-esteem

Feb 16, 2009
by: BAnderson


I'm learning more about low self esteem right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is Ways people can improve on their low self esteem? As i was reading in my Google Reader, this blog post caught my attention because it is very intriguing and useful to those who have a low self esteem. What i have read is 12 steps for overcoming low self esteem, and yes at first the title did catch my eye, then i read the different steps that, to me, are very helpful.

The quote steps that i chose here is basically saying: 
 8. Respect Your Emotions

Acknowledge how you feel and allow yourself to feel it. Never suppress your feelings, but allow them release through expression. If you keep your feelings bottled up they will not disappear but build up until they have to be let out, and this can end up in anger, violence or even a nervous breakdown.

9. Respect Your Mind

Your mind is far more powerful than we ever give it credit for. Keep it full of positive thoughts and focus on solutions rather than problems. Learn as much as you can about yourself, other people and the world for knowledge is power, and you can use it to achieve whatever you want.

10. Respect Your Opinion

Never think that your own opinion is less valuable than anyone else's. Everyone has a right to an opinion, and you are no different. Be aware of your own opinions and respect yourself for having them. Remember to respect other people's opinions too.

11. Respect Your Skills

We all have a unique set of skills. You have your own set that is completely different to anyone else's. Be proud of the skills that you have and improve on them and use them. Do not hide them away or de-value them. Your skills have developed out of your own unique experiences and education and no-one else has that special combination.

12. Know Your Purpose

Every single person on this planet was born with a special purpose. Understand who you are, what your passions are and use and work on them. Never suppress the things you love. When you work with them, you will be moving towards your life purpose and when you have discovered that you can lead a complete and satisfied life.

Overcoming low self esteem is the first step in earning self respect and the respect of others. You cannot gain respect from others without achieving self respect first. Follow these 12 steps to boost self esteem and you will find your life will change for the better.

I completely and utterly understand as well as ponder over how much these steps may help those specific people that have a low self esteem.


Yupz...totally true!!!

Submitted by CFlores on Mon, 2009-02-16 19:16.

Dear Brittany,

Hey waz up???....I do agree with your post about self-esteem because I most defiantely think it's true in which ever way you put it. I used to have a low self-esteem because I was always putting myself down with negative things, and I do regret doing because I could have felt different and not waste my time before thinking about every little bad thing. I have changed as you know, and I think I'm a better person lolz....I intend to keep myself the same way and only change the bad aspects of me and achieve being perfect by being myself because I am perfect in my imperfect ways, just like everyone else....=)