LTI experience

Feb 26, 2016
BAY-peace a non profit,youth led organization

This week in my LTI BAY-peace we have dug deep in our project we are working on.It is a documentary that is about the changes that are happening in oakland and what people are doing about it.Also we are getting ready to prepare for a workshop that we are going to lead in a high school teaching them about the pros and cons of joining the military.we have been practicing a scene that is called the bromatice skit what it is about is that i am at a friends house that is in to militarism so they convince my to play a videogame that brings up the topic about the military.Another thing i have learned is to love yourself we had circles of groups and i really enjoyed it because the things we were talking about were true and i felt some weight off my shoulders.To recap on the week i feel like i learned some valuable information that i could teach others.