Making Learning Competencies Shorter for Art

Jun 23, 2014

For Art class, I turned seven of the learning competencies into very short names, mostly just one word.

This makes it easier to think about for visual art.

PRECISION - doing things carefully, exactly. Sometimes it means going slower to make things right, but sometimes it means revising.

STRUCTURE - noticing the way things are built from pieces, or that they are made in steps. Examples: a car or a skeleton.

RESEARCH - looking for ideas or information to use in my work, then listing the source.

SELF-DIRECTION - when I decided what to do or where to look.

NARRATIVE - communicating a story to others.

PROBLEM-SOLVING - creating works that follow an instruction or offer solutions.

REPETITION - noticing patterns, or steps that are used more than once.

Any NDSS student can reply to me with a picture. I'll tell you which competencies it shows and how easy it is to attach to any image.



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Submitted by ramos on Mon, 2014-06-23 13:40.

Research and repetiton

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Submitted by Mr. Jacobs on Mon, 2014-06-23 13:46.

This image used research, because it was found on another website. It also uses repetition (pattern) because the first letter has colored design inside, then the second letter, etc. etc.

It was also self-directed because Rosa chose what to put, and it was problem-solving because there was a challenge to follow (go find an image and post it here)!

All together four learning competencies shown. Rosa was also the first one to post so that's risk-taking, good deal!

Your competencies

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Submitted by Mr. Jacobs on Tue, 2014-06-24 10:32.

This was problem-solving because you followed the instructions of this task, but it is also repetition because the spots in the design are repeating all over.

It was also self-direction because it was your choice and something you are interested in, Hello Kitty designs, and the cheetah spots which kids seem to like a lot nowadays.