Malcolm changes his looks at things

Apr 18, 2009
by: ctai
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In The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Haley, Malcolm says that the people are ruining the society with all the pimping and gambling that is going on with a lot of the people. Malcolm believes that this is making the people's lives harder and also that the blacks are treated like objects and not people. Malcolm is a really helpful person and he shows people that pushed to their survival can form their own creative solutions to problems.

I think The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Malcolm X and Alex Haley is important because this book really teaches you about something and it really shows you what went on in the past and how people were really treated with no respect and that people just hated each other for their skin color. People are just throwing the N word around like it is nothing and just saying it out of no where. That is a lot of disrespect to all the blacks. People need to learn how to respect each other rights and know when to say the right things and the wrongs.

A passage from pages 74 and 75 that seems important is: "Shorty felt about the war in the same way I and most ghetto Negroes did: Whitey owns everything. He wants us to go and bleed for him? Let him fight." I think this is interesting because I think the white guy is trying to show off and think that he is the toughest when maybe he is not and he says that he owns everything. No one owns everything. Also why do people want to fight each other so badly. I dont get it, why cant people just have peace.

Another part that I disliked was: "In the ghettos white man has built for us, he has forced us not to aspire to greater things but to view everyday living as survival and in that kind of community survival is respected." This is an example of something important in this book. It shows that people have to fight for their lives everyday since people are hating on each other and trying to kill each other wherever they go. Everyone has to find their own way of surviving.

This section of The Autobiography of Malcolm X reminds me of another book. In Harry Potter he had to do the same thing and try to survive from every task that he was given. Harry went through a lot of injuries and everything just trying to save his two best friends which I think is really brave of him. He needs to defend himself up against this bad guy that always tries to kill him and Harry Potter wants revenge for what he did to his mother.

What's probably going to happen next is that Malcolm finds out that his education in learning made him understand the past towards the present. He continues to talk to Islam religion and finds out the racial problems. He finds out that whites have been raising blacks as slaves through segregation. Malcolm changes the way he looks at things in philosophy and realizes the understanding of racism and what it is really about. He believes that Allah has helped him to bring his will through suffering and sin. 

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because I want to find out what Malcolm is really trying to do and what is he doing to help the people that are in trouble and in the sense of danger. I also want to see how he has to deal with the conversion of Islam and how he believes that the will of Allah will help him understand through the pain and suffering and the sin.


Andrew, I agree with your

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I agree with your post, "Malcolm changes his looks at things" because Malcolm X really is a very helpful person. What he did for the blacks at that time as truly remarkable. I just started the book but I believe that I as I get more and more into the book I will see all the things that Malcolm X has done. I seen the movie but I don't think that they touched up on everything.

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thanks for commenting on my post. I do agree on what you said as well that Malcom X was a really helpful person and he really was. He loved to help people and wanted people to have their own freedom. Also what he did for his own race like you said was really amazing how brave he was to stand up and speak out. He touched everyones hearts and he brung a positive look upon a lot of people.

I also agree

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I agree with your post on how Malcolm changes his looks at things. I agree because Malcolm is right about most of the things he said and thought. I believe he had good intentions in trying to tell and teach the people he cared for to rise and overcome. He wanted people to think different and change their certain ways that had been inflicted upon them by the evils of society.

One sentence you wrote that stood out for me is "Malcolm is a really helpful person and he shows people that pushed to their survival can form their own creative solutions to problems." I feel this is incredibly true. The people are forced to create their own survival methods to survive better in the ghetto an as lower class poor people. So as they find their own creative solutions to problems. The government and people of the law arrest them for it because the solutions they use are illegal, because the government cannot profit from it. Which makes the money illegal tender.

Another sentence you wrote that I noticed was " I don't get it, why can't people just have peace." I definitely agree with your thoughts on what you said here. I sometimes ask myself this very same question, and wonder why there can't be peace in the world. a world where there were no fights or wars. A world where you didn't need money and everything was free, and we the people came together as one. I guess that can't happen; not in this lifetime, maybe in the afterlife.

I do agree with you that " People need to learn how to respect each other rights and know when to say the right things and the wrongs." One reason I say this is because it is very true if some people followed this, it would help take an extra step into making the world a better place. Another reason I agree with is sometimes it's not the fault of the people. For some people minds have been corrupted into maintaining these bad behaviors.

Thanks for your writing on Malcolm X and his autobiography story. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because not only was this one a great post. I have read and commented on another piece of writing you have done on Malcolm X and I must say that also is another great piece of great of work. So due to both very interesting essays on Malcolm I will be sure to look for more and look forward to any new piece of writing you might have shared.