Maria J. sounds like me

Nov 10, 2008
by: PHuang

     I agree with this letter, "Immigrants is not that bad" by Maria J., because I wrote about the same thing. But that's not the reason why. I agree since what she said match with what I wrote before. I wrote a lot on why immigrants are getting unfair rights and being treated not nicely. She writes the letter as if she knows someone who has been through this, and it is hard if you have been through all these. I am 15 years old and I've seen a lot of people on the streets waiting for a person to support them a job. In the harsh winters and the blazing summers, they just wait wanting a job for their family.

     One sentence that stood out for me the most in her writing was, "Men were generally paid less than other workers, and women less than men.". This shows me that not only both parent are trying to work but they don't get paid enough even together. If men already gets paid so little and the women even less, then there wasn't any good in working your butt off and earning a little but. But either way these people try, they want their kids to live on and have foo don the table. Even so there's always people crying about how they don't find a job.

    How she said about the immigrants didn't only come from Mexico is correct. I've seen not only Hispanics on the streets begging for a job but also a lot of Asians too. I too am Asian and sometimes I would get curious and talk with them. These people are somewhat scared because they are new to this land. They came for many reasons but one reason is to earn money.

     I am looking forward to hear more on what else she has to say. I know that there is more things she did not mention yet. I too have many stuff I haven't mentioned that is a important issue but it is hard to put it in words.