Marriage and Personality Type

Apr 26, 2009
by: bmong

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I'm learning more about relationships and personality right now, I learned the interactions of personality and relationships and as what I learned previously, I'm going to find out how does personality affect marriage. As I was reading in my Google Reader, a magazine article, Marriage and Personality Type,"", caught my attention because it talks about people's interests, attractions and values, and how does these things affect the choice of different people choosing their partners.

The quote I chose here is basically saying: "Whilst personality is something that each individual takes into account when considering a marriage partner, there are no overall patterns to personality attraction. From this perspective, any research into this area is unlikely to show any correlations between personality type and marriage."

I think this quote stated clearly that personality type doesn't have a big correlation with marriage. However, it is really a consideration of people choosing their partners. As what I learned in the previous reading of "Personality and Relationships",, there are opposites attract and birds of a feather flock together. It means people tend to choose partners who are different from themselves, or they tend to choose partners who are similar to themselves. In Isabel Briggs-Myers' book (Gifts Differing), there are some data looked at how many preferences married couples had in common.

No of preferences in common Percentage found Percentage expected 'by chance'
All 4 9% 6%
3 35% 25%
2 33% 37%
1 19% 25%
None 4% 6%

This table indicated that similarity is more attractive than differences. It showed that people would mostly get married with birds of a feather than opposites attract.

Also, there are some evidence to suggest the latter from Ray Cattell's research in the 16PF Handbook. It indicated that people who are similar can make the marriage more long-lasting. In the research, 16PF husband-wife correlations in stable, positive and happy marriage. However, half of them plan to divorce and become negative, and most of them are with different personality. Through these information, I can know that people can mostly get married with similarity, however, it is harder for different people with different personality to form a long-lasting marriage.
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