The Matrix: A dystopian society

Nov 27, 2011
by: CListon

The movie The Matrix is one good example of a dystopian society. There are many characteristics in the movie that are also seen in other dystopian societies such as in 1984 and A Brave New World. In the movie there is “the matrix” which is a facade placed over humans to blind them from the truth. In this society, humans are born into bondage under computers that have taken control. Humans are used as energy sources for the computers but the humans don’t realize it. They live a dream their entire life that is in the matrix. The computers grow humans in huge fields which is something seen in A Brave New World. The Matrix also has some characteristics in common with1984. They both have an oppressed society that is withheld from the truth. The actual world has eroded and the world the humans dream in is sugar coated as a good society; but in fact the computers control them. The computers are in a sense “The Party” in 1984 and the resistance which Neal (the main character) is apart of is like the alleged “brotherhood” in 1984; an underground group that is trying to resist the controlling power. In all three of these media pieces of dystopian societies, you can see a totalitarian government controlling its people by withholding information from them. In addition, the people live in less than an adequate environment because of this dictatorial control.