Maximum Ride: The Tragic Ending

Jan 12, 2011
by: 15ShimaT

      We had to get out of here, fast. I was looking for answers inside my head. Come on! Think Max! We ran through the different hallways, trying to get the whitecoats away from us. We had to be together no matter what. “Guys, fly up through the vent!” Fang hurried up the vent as we followed him one by one. He kicked the fan away and we all got up into the sky.
“Hurry, fly away before the Erasers come!” We flew into the forest, diving up, down, left, right. As soon we were in the clearing, we flew to the nearest cave and rested. They looked very tired, and it was understandable, we went through a very hard day.
     I woke up the next morning feeling groggy and still tired from yesterday. I woke the rest of my flock up and we headed towards Anne’s house. We kept low to be unseen by the Erasers. By lunchtime, we were near the house. As we neared the house, a bunch of Erasers and Ari were already there. I gritted my teeth not sure what to do. I whispered to the rest of my flock, asking them what I should do. They weren’t sure, so we decided to stay low until they left.
     I opened my eyes, and the night was already setting in. Oh my god! I was sleeping! I scrambled to get up but everybody was there. I felt relief, I went to see if Ari was still there but nobody was in sight so I woke up the others to go to the house. We rang the bell a few times until Anne came out. “Max! Where were you? I was worried sick!”
     “Ummm we got lost in the woods and it took us a while to get home.. Sorry.” She went silent and went inside. As I went in, my heart stopped cold. Ari was in the house! I tried to look as casual as possible but it was impossible since the enemy we hated from the day we ran away. Anne didn’t seem to notice anything so I didn’t ask her. Ari was asleep on the sofa so we sneaked upstairs and tried to fly out the window when we saw Erasers posted outside the window. We were scared to death and we slept together in a clump.
     When I woke up again, I tried to get up but I couldn’t, my whole body was tied to a pole, and Erasers were carrying me. I saw all the others beside me while they were sleeping, not knowing what was happening to us. Then my nightmare disappeared. I was relieved when nobody was in the window, and everybody was already up. I opened the door, and there he was, the enemy that we hated and the father of us, the creator of the flock. He smiled at us, but I glared back and saw Anne walking up the stairs towards us. My hope disappeared as she was greeting our enemy. I was beginning to get suspicious. Was she really a FBI agent? She looked friendly to the whitecoats. Then, suddenly, she glared at me, making me make a step backwards, stumbling over Iggy.
     “Sorry,” I whimpered, as the rest of the flock came to see what was going on. This couldn’t be happening to us, this was all a dream. I pinched myself until blood came out, and it hurt. I was too shocked for words. I wanted to wake up again like I did before, but it never happened. Then, something grabbed me and cuffed my hands. The Erasers were already capturing us. I looked as I saw Anne grinning, while Ari laughed, I closed my eyes hoping that It would end soon.