McDonald's! Even the Game Sucks

Mar 26, 2010

Today, I played a game called  "McDonald's". I found it at From the set of games we received, I thought this would interest me because I always wondered how McDonald's and businesses work. I was also thinking about business and the economy the other day and I thought it would be interesting to see how an actual business works. McDonald's is a great business that has stores all over the world. I thought if I played this game I would be able to get an inside look on how the fast food chain was so successful.

McDonald's is about the process of creating a successful business. In this game players get a chance to be the owners of McDonald's. Players get the chance to take control of McDonald's and make all the important decisions for the fast food chain. Players decide how to spend money. Players are introduced to many of the aspects of having a successful business. The game includes economy, agriculture, and business. Players receive an "inside look" at the reality of McDonald's.

The game works like this:

  • Players begin with am amount of money
  • They then decide how to spend the money
  • They can spend money on cows, crops, workers.
  • Players then begin the time
  • Players can manipulate the time turning it on and off.
  • Once the players begin time, they either gain or lose money based on the decisions they made in the game
  • Players can kill cows and give the food
  • Players can also destroy trees to grow their farm

    In order to be successful, players must come up with strategies and techniques that allow them to gain money. This may seem complicated, but after practice player should get the hang of the game and making money. Other tips for being successful in McDonald's are getting a lot of cows, workers, and crops. Another strategy that players could use is allowing time to pass. It seems that once you allow time to pass and manipulate some parts of the game at time, you receive money. This only works sometimes. So I suggest that you find other ways of making money. Good Luck!

    After playing this game and telling my readers about McDonald's I would like to state my opinion on the game. Like I stated in the title this game is not fun. I did not enjoy this game because I was always becoming bankrupt! Once someone spends too much of McDonald's' money, they become bankrupt. I also thought this game was less than satisfactory because it was not realistic. McDonald's does not grow their cows on farms. It does not take a few seconds to have cows and make them. They give off the impression of a fantastic business, when the truth is the actual production of the food is much different. This game is not realistic although it gives some business tips. I was expecting way too much from this game and got so little. I recommend this game to people who are bored and have nothing else to do. For more people who agree with me, check out this

If you do decide to play this game, HAVE FUN :)