McDonald's v.s. Ayiti

Apr 11, 2010
by: 15HUM

Today I played the MsDonald's Video Game. I played many many times and failed all those times. I kept running out of patties or not having enough soy feed for the cows. These problems lead to having to grow more soy, destroying more forests, and losing money. Then, even more problems came up, like people protesting over you making people obese, cutting down too may forests and etc. The game showed you what the McDonald's company really does ; it showed you what work went into the hamburger you ate. It also showed you that even though it may not seem like it, running a company like McDonald's is really hard especially for a 7th grade student. However, it did remind me of the game Ayiti a bit. It reminded me of Ayiti because Ayiti also showed you what was really happening. It showed you what was really happening to some families in Haiti and how hard it was to support a family there. Like in the McDonald's Video game, money was one of the important things in Ayiti. In the McDonald's Video game, the money was all they cared about if you weren't making money , you weren't making progress. In the game Ayiti, you needed money to support you and your family. With the money you could buy them things, and pay for their hospital bills.

These two games were also different though. It was different because the McDonald's Video game cared only about money and in the game it didn't matter what you did to get money. Everything was connected to their profit. On the other hand, Ayiti was different. In Ayiti everything was connected not to money but to the family. In Ayiti it didn't matter if you were in debt but if you got your family through the whole game then it was fine. Also I thought they were different because the ideas that they showed you were different. In Ayiti, it was a problem that you wanted to help because helping would be the right thing to do. Then the McDonald's game showed a problem that you wouldn't really want to help because you would agree with the protesting people that the company was wrong.