MD Book Special: Ender's Game

Mar 24, 2016

It's the first time I actually realized that Movie Destroyer has the same initial as M.D. Device. (Shut up, writer.)

It’s actually the third time I have ever read Ender’s Game. Good thing I did, because the book is actually somehow different from the movie and from the Chinese version. Well, not that much, just by the way. But didn’t he met Bean on that shuttle? Or it’s just me who think so? I probably can’t remember those that clearly, but reading again does really help.

Usually I do write a several page long stuff for my spoilers. Except this one. I want to talk something about the analyze on Ender himself. So actually I did copy and paste that from my discussion document. That's the original final report.

Firstable, Ender’s name is a cliché. “Meaningful name”--Why the parents name their first child Peter, second one Valentine, and third one “Andrew”? Shouldn’t him be Paul or Tom or Jim or so? Also, as his mother said, he gave himself the “Ender” name, which is extremely stupid for his situation that time. Just foreshadowing for the future, just foreshadowing.
“The one who is chosen to save the world” cliché. You can’t tell if a child could save humanity from him beating up a bully, Graff! We all beat up bullies. Wait, is there only me who think so?
Forget the training parts. He could be a real genius, but he just can’t learn to fight a real battle that fast. Remember? He only beat up bullies before. Plus, mind analysis doesn’t really work. I mean, real. I tried it before. Ender isn’t Professor X. He can’t read minds. Even it does work, that’s not a 100% success rate.
“Main character killed people/buggies that he doesn’t want to kill and thinks himself as a killer” cliché.
Ender, you’re in a Battle School! What do you think that they’re expecting you to do? Eating lollipops?
Actually Ender’s too mature for a kid at his age. He’s only eleven years old when defeating the buggers! That’s not what you call a brilliant child, Card. He’s too mature. So does ALL sci-fi franchise has a young talent child main character? Master Chief? Both killing aliens? That’s not a coincident, is it?

I'd never know how to use italic in YouthVoices. Those clichés are really a huge part of this book, but what I have reaction on was the end of the book, after Ender finished the game and defeated the buggers:
They forced Ender to become a “killer” that he thought so even he doesn’t want to, and hide the truth from him to not getting him “pressured”. If Mazer told him about this earlier he might not do this or he might have done this in a better way that he won’t kill that much people. Also from the final of the book we know that buggers aren’t a real enemy after the Second Invasion. Ender was trained to be way too mature beyond his age, and I think that's the problem that is worthy to concern: what he will do next, after taking the queen's cocoon roaming in the space? I he going to be back since Peter took over the Earth? And what's the foreordination he is going to face.

Highly recommend you to read the other books of the series.

The Movie Destroyer/ Molecular Detachment Device Special.