Meine Bitte

Nov 3, 2009
by: Dstahulak
Career goals

     One question dogs the path to my best photo. Is technical perfection or artistic composition what truly "makes" an image. Without either, a photo certainly could not be called art; but in expression of a world view, which has more prominence?  All a photo can hope to  do is to capture in some way the essence of what man sees. The dynamic ranges provided by even a full format film camera cannot hope to compare with those from the human eye, so all that remains is to seize something about a scene or an object which defines the way man sees it. When forced to choose an image of my own for submission as my best the photo bellow became the child of choice. With enough technical skill put into the initial shot and composition which captures the essence of the lighting and shape contrast.

     My eyes have been given more depth, they isolate colors, they shape shadows and yearn for resolution of contrast. My perspective has changed; I believe permanently. When an image pieces itself together without any thought in front of me, focusing on one dynamic, the world distorts itself just for me. Distilled colors and shadows run down walls and hug figures. I have grown to see more clearly and bend the world to what I see it to be.