Mid-Research Reflection Serenity

May 16, 2012
by: marser

Hello reader, my topic for the past few weeks have been fast food. I am interested in this topic because almost everywhere I look, I see somebody with a fast food bag in their hand. Also, because I feel that fast food has a larger impact in society. Also, I was interested in this topic because I know that throughout the day, I crave for certain fast food places, knowing I don’t really need to eat that. Last reason why I chose this topic, would have to be the fact that every friday, my teachers orer fast food, while during the week they bring their own lunch or go out. Some question I would like to answer in my research findings are: Why do people enjoy eating fast food? What makes fast food restaurants so appealing to the human eye? And lastly, Why is fast food so expensive?
A piece of research that I found interesting is, salt levels in our items are very high. I myself do not cook with salt and neither do my family. I remember one day in McDonalds, while waiting for fresh french fries, the cook applied an massive quantity of salt over the french fries. I refused to eat the french fries. In the US, the second top ranked problem is obesity. Another piece of information that I learned while doing research is that healthy food is more expensive compared to fast food prices in local restaurants. I feel that if it is something that we should have, then they should be placed at a reasonable price. Yes there are food banks that provide the homeless with free food, but what if one does not have a way to travel there.
Research so far has been very tough. First of many things that I wanted to make sure I had was a reliable source that had a good amount of information in it. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that within the source, I had supporting statements to help me back up what I was arguing for. Some challenges I faced throughout this process is finding sources that were opinions instead of fact and details. Another challenge I faced while going through this journey was finding a source that was not bias. Along with challenges in my research papers, I did learn some new things about how fast food can affect the human body if it is not cooked with the right ingredients. I hope to achieve a great essay to where I can promote healthy eating habits, and tell people that fast food all the time is not good.


GREAT topic!

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Submitted by aboulhosn on Wed, 2012-05-30 13:15.

You've chosen a topic that has so much information surrounding it, especially as people become more and more informed about the health effects of eating a lot of processed foods. Fast food establishments are especially interesting to research, especially in thinking about what they reveal about how our society is broken down. The locations of these restaurants demonstrate a lot of classism and racism in our society, and the obesity rates in the country sadly reflect those statistics. I'm really interested to read your final paper, and I know that if you were to post some of your findings about it again on Youth Voices you'd be sharing some very valuable information!

Great start!