Mila 2.0 By: Debra Driza

Apr 30, 2013
by: 17zhul

"No. I erased all of it, Mila-I'm sure. Which means you managed to store those memories of your own. That's what evolving means. You're becoming more human every day... even if you don't realize it. Whatever you do, dont forget that." -Page 440.

I remember this quote the most of this book because it was very emotional and because it represented a change. Whenever something represents a change, it shows how the character is developing. In this case, Mila 2.0 (which is technically a fighting machine for war) is evolving. Her "mother", Nicole, erased all of the information from before and inserted fake ones, yet Mila 2.0 somehow managed to get back some of her memories. Since from the very beginning of time, Mila 2.0 was told that she as human. But now she faces the truth, but she's too human to be an android. Android's wouldn't be able to have memories from before, but she does. I liked this quote the most because it shows how Mila grew, and how she developed far more than just a killing machine.