The Military Adventures of Sam and Alex: Unit 3 Scratch Project

May 23, 2016
by: 21bessama
Unit 3 Tech Project 21bessama

Here’s an introduction to my Scratch interactive story, called “The Military Adventures of Sam and Alex”. I was inspired to do this off of the story by the Brothers Grimm, Partlett and Chanticleer. I enjoyed it, and even though it was one of the lesser known stories, I liked it because of how gory and tragic it was. And because this has to be PG-13, I made it less so, but still keeping the main events and characters. So here’s everything I used to make it. Enjoy!



Alex as Partlett

Sam as Chanticleer

Taylor as the Duck

Charlie as the Pin

Jessie as the Needle

Lenin as the Landlord


Military Base

Rural Area

Lenin’s House

Act 1:

Alex: (Enters military base) So honey, how’d it go?

Jessie: (Takes helmet off) It was great! We eliminated a Spec Ops Team. How about you?

Alex: Great, I fixed up Taylor, and they’re gonna send him in your squadron.

Jessie; Nice, Taylor is great, but not as great as you *flirty wink*.

Alex: Okay, next rotation is in 12 hours so, I’m gonna go to bed. (Alex leaves the room)

(The next day at 0650 hrs in the military base)

Alex: General said we’re leaving at 0700 hours.

Jessie: (Cleans rifle) That’s okay, give me a minute, I’ll be there.

(Enter Taylor, holding up a gun)Taylor: (Points gun at everyone) Hands up!

Alex: What the hell Taylor?

Taylor: Shut it Alex, I’ve decided to go rogue.

Jessie: (Hits Taylor in the head.)

Taylor: (Falls down in agony) AAAAAGH

Alex: ( Ties handcuff around both of Taylor's hands) You’re coming with us (Everyone leaves)

(A day later)

(Enter Charlie and Sam)

Charlie: Please, you have to help us, my friend Sam over here broke his leg.

Sam: *limping* Please

Alex: Sure thing, get in the Jeep (Charlie and Sam enter the Jeep)

Drives off

(Enter Lenin in his house)

Lenin: Hello? Is anyone there? (Opens door)

Sam: *limping* Please let us in, we’re low on supplies

The reader must choose whether Lenin lets them in or not.

Act 2A: The reader chooses to not let them in.

Lenin: No

Charlie: Please, we’re from the military, and our squadron and supplies aren’t here.

Lenin: I do not want to get involved with military

Charlie: You’ll regret that decision.

That night

Alex: In here *points to open window*

Charlie: *goes inside* (pulls out gun) Bye Lenin, thanks for bringing this upon yourself.

Lenin: Please, get out!

Alex: Too late (pulls trigger)

(Screen fades to black) (Gunshots)

Act 2B: The reader chooses let them in.

Lenin: Of course, come on in!

Charlie: Thank you so much!

Sam: And as a reward, take an extra gun we have.

Lenin: Wow! Thanks! (receives gun)

Charlie: And we’ll be sure to mention you to our general once we’ve completed the mission. You’ll be a war hero!

Lenin: Oh my goodness thank you so much. Here, have some food.

Sam: Thanks, I’m famished *limps in*

(Everyone walks in)